Mercersburg Society presents:
Mercersburg: Does It Matter?

In light of the current existential angst felt by American citizens in general and American Christians in particular we are drawn to the following questions:

  • What really matters in our world today?
  • What matters for the people of faith?
  • What matters for people of no faith?
  • Has cynicism and despair taken over?
  • Have the traditional “Loves” commanded by Torah and reaffirmed by Christ gotten lost, sidelined, rationalized away?

We do not believe so. Join us as we review the insights of our Mercersburg heritage, and in doing so, find renewal of Hope, enhancement of Faith, and revitalization of Love.

When: June 8-9
Where: On the campus of Lancaster Theological Seminary,
555 West James St. Lancaster, PA 17603



Registration Ends May 29, 2020